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How can I make it so when a sentry knocks out a player, that player get teleported to a teleporter

When sentry knocked out connect the teleporter then have it teleport to that group where u want it

you cant do that

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You can…

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You can do that by using wires.

If someone says “u can’t do that” when u can, explain it further then just saying u can

So take the lifecycle, and wire it to the teleporter.
The lifecycle tracks when the player is knocked out, and when it does, the wire will teleport it to the player.

Furthermore, if you want it to be that specific sentry only, you can do this.

The trigger acts as a buffer between the lifecycle and teleporter, and the zone activates the trigger when you enter it. Channels are used to deactivate the trigger when exiting the zone, and the sentry would ideally be placed inside the zone.


Yeah I misunderstood the situation before the actual one, I originally thought that cyan’s example would work, and then I reread the question.

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Oh I thought it was player knockout sentry

no a sentry knocking out a player bozo

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So when a player is knocked out, relay it, set a checkpoint or a teleporter so when a player gets removed from the land of the living, then they’re teleported there.