I need some help once a more :D

So basically i want that when a player respawns they get a popup how do i do that?

Place a Lifecycle, Trigger (delay is one second) and a Popup device.
Event Occurs > Trigger
Triggered > Open popup

If you want a notification, use this guide:

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You do what @Haiasi said :slight_smile:


oh Ok i will try that and also how do i make a respawn point not the spawn in point?? like a seperate spot

What do you mean by that? Could you explain what you need help with clearer?

Uh Well I want that a player respawns at a different place than to where they spawn in so basically like uhh… a GAME yeah when u pass a checkpoint u respawn in a diff place like that

You add another spawner

No no, you wire a telporter to the og spawner

Place a Lifecycle, (Event is Player Knocked out) a Trigger, (Delay 1sec) and a teleporter.
Event Occurs > Trigger
Triggered > Teleport player here

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OH ok makes sense thanq :smiley:


Btw you only have 2 more days! Don’t give up!!!

hahah Thanq sm @shinyrowlet you have really encouraged me these past few days :smiley:

What are you making? Like what kinda map?

this does not work :frowning: well for me mainly because the player isnt being killed the player is dying from “drowning” lol so uh any other way for that when you die OTHER than being killed u get a popup?

Oh it’s a birthday hunt with a maze and crafting and a underwater swimming part where you dive for treasure to unlock the crafting section and then you have to farm to get blueberries and raspberries then you craft a golden keycard that unlocks the last room which says happy birthday to my friend and all the things i appreciate about him :slight_smile:

If you’re using the breath metre guide, then connect a wire repeater to the checker with a delay, and connect the wire repeater to the popup, so when the check for air fails, the popup activates with a delay, so the player sees it after respawning.


Oh ok i will try that

doesnt work and yes i am using the breathe metre do you mind showing me some pics pls? Thanq

nvm! It wokred thanq very much i had the wiring wrong Thanq thanq!

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