I need some help on fortnite

so I’m making gim nite, don’t mind my horrible grammar and spelling, as I’m in a hurry to not procrastinate, but I need some ideas on how I can make grand Glacier from fortnite more efficiently, I will make more help topics similar to this, so you might wanna expect more.

Summary, how can I make grand Glacier from Fortnite look actually good

use some ice barriers? (idk I don’t play fornite)

Rock props, snowy grass, dirt, snow, snow piles, snowmen, ect

how would I layer it like a mountain though…

ummmmm, idk

maybe just start at the top & work your way down

(I had to look it up. like @MrEgg , I don’t play fortnite)

I’ll just work on it. I’ll find out…

maybe like make a HUGE [1] rock and paint it blue and some detail here and there. Like I said, I don’t crank 90’s.

  1. and I mean huge ↩︎

Make a boss surround by ice barriers

With a biiig rock.

and edit it and add stuff to make it look like that.


nahh… I dont really lke that. Maybe though.

That’s alright, I just felt like supersizing a rock anyway.

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I’ll figure it out. Maybe I’ll have a giant mountain with snow, and you could climb it. Yeah, then have a flat plane and chests. Ok. Thanks for the help everyone! But gonna give you the #1 Victory royale dub Sir_Lancelot

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