I need some help lol per usual

how do i make a zone deactivate for 30 seconds and then activate and how do i also make texts come on while they activate and deactivate??

You could wire a repeater to a zone, and make that repeater repeat for 30 seconds. You could wire that same repeater to the text, too.


Oh Ok Thanq will this deactivate the zone?

One second, I’m getting it.


Get a lifecycle, 2 repeaters, and your zone and text. Make the lifecycle Game Start. Then, make both repeaters have the following settings:

The only thing you have to change is that both repeaters should be using different channels for “When task occurs, transmit on”. Then, change the settings in the zone and text to the following:

Last, wire the lifecycle to one of the repeaters (Event occurs → Start repeater) and that repeater to the other repeater (Repeater runs task → start repeater).

I haven’t tested this out, so please tell me if it works!


doesnt work :frowning: is it okay if i get you in my game to help bcuz I’m doing it as a floor is lava yk so i want that it goes safe for 10 seconds and then it goes back to danger and i also want the text to be able to say

The problem is that the wix is blocked from my computer. Do you have any other way of contact?


uhhh zoom I use zoom

I’m making this game for a friend lol I dont usually give out my email but since his bday is coming up and I’m making it for him I’ll give you it and you can invite me on zoom and i can send the link there

yeah i do lol i can give you it but you have to copy it quick cuz I’ll delete it soon so no one else gets it

r u ready for it yet or?..

Ok cool email me or wutever lol

Alr I sent it


ok i replied on the email :smiley:

just to let you know even if you edit it out people can click on it and read what was origanally there

If you edit it out within a minute it will not show, but deleting it makes it show.

Oh welp lol ig ppl will have access to it then unless gimkit remozes it

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