I need some help again... JK

Lololol Those of you who know i was creating a Bday map for my friend he loved it! He rated it a 11/10 So Thanks @shinyrowlet I dont remember anyone else but thank youball also!!!


Let’s goooooo! You should make a guide on that map, it would be really awesome! I might use that same map for some of my friends if you do the guide

Hahaha alright i can do a guide sometime!!


Normally this would be off topic and I would tell you so, but it’s just heartwarming that you went all this way to make your friend happy. I could see that you worked really hard and had to go through some issues, but you persevered. I’m proud of you :]


you should mark a solution though so someone doesn’t flag you (some people badge hunt for first flag)

Lol thanq for that advice

Thanks! Yes i did went through some issues but you and shinyrowlet help me to persevere thanq!!

That’s so nice!

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