I need some good ideas please

Im making a Super Smash Bros game, and I need a idea for the 3rd map. I promised after 100 plays I would make another one so I really need a idea.

Great Cave Offensive or something like that.

What is that???

A map from the actual game.

you can try to make one that its theme is underwater, like with coral, seaweed, fish, bubbles, etc that would be super cool to play in.


I need some not from the game I already made one from the game and one that is space themed

Iceberg? Have slippery floors and some occasional “wind” that freezes players?

oh space themed, then do one that is on saturn’s belt or astroids. ANd have shooting stars and stweenkling stars and have small aliens and space ships in the background and a UFO and one of the platformers.

What I mean is I have already made a space map for it.

Map Name: “Ancient Ruins”


Deep within a dense jungle, players battle on the crumbling remains of an ancient civilization. Overgrown vines, moss-covered statues, and mysterious hieroglyphics adorn the landscape

Terrain Features

Collapsing Platforms: Some platforms are unstable and crumble after a few seconds, forcing players to adapt their movement.

Hidden Traps

Triggerable traps (like rolling boulders or dart shooters) add an element of surprise.
Altars: Interacting with altars could grant temporary power-ups or change the environment.


Quicksand Pits: Stepping into these pits slows down movement.
Booby-Trapped Statues: Occasionally, statues come to life and attack players.

Oop sorry didn’t mean to reply to you @WolfTechnology

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your good

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Basically collapsing platforms would be touch sensitive barriers (they would be CLEVERLY hidden), you can’t really change terrain in game unless you like teleported somewhere else, but it isn’t really the same. Traps should use a faucet of animation. Statues that come to life could be sentries that are custom decorated~

Hmm what about a medieval map that can be called kings triumph or something cool like that?