I need sombody to make me Lineses tent

is looks like this
i made the camp fire and the boxes

Is this Gimkit creative?

Yes, he is making it in creative.

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That’s super cool! How did he do that?

He needs someone to make him that
He didn’t make that
I see how its confusing.

To me the screenshot doesn’t look like Gimkit Creative. I think he wats to make that in creative though.

the image isnt gimkit thats what i need somebody to make in gimkit

idk, i tried this?

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looks good
think he already made the boxes and campfire tho.
the top of the tent needs to be pointy too.

I would build it but I’m too busy rn- sorry.

this is what i have so far

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See if this helps.


could you make it longer?

i changed it a bit…

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mabye make the back not flap out

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nvm i can fix it thx tho!!

ill show u how it turns out

let me know how it turns out in the end…

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Put the roof barrier over the other ones, I think it would look better

that looks nice… good job bud

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