I need prop ideas

so I need prop ideas can you all give me some ideas for a spaceship?

What’s the main goal of the game?

This guide could be usefull


you are stuck on a space ship and you have to do tasks to escape the space ship to get into the escape pod before the spaceship explodes.

thank you for showing me this guide


Plant canisters, 3D printers, Command Tables, etc.
Also, layer your terrain.

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erm idk how to “layer” my terrain

i dont know how many times ive said this, but…


it will take up tons of empty space, and you could even put a cool design on it!

and yea, that terrain needs layering.

ive suggested adding a carpet so many times, i might just make a guide on how to make one now.


how do i make a carpet?


i would use barriers, heres an example of what i would make it look like

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thanks for telling me about this, and also HOW DO I MAKE LAYERS?!

so, y’know when you place down terrain, you can set what layer its on? (above, below, ect) well, when you put the outline of the ship on the above layer it can really improve how it looks.

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thanks for telling me imma do that!

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but um how are you able to walk ON the carpet?

never mind i figured it out!

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Use dirt spotches and moss spots.
Also use broken glass and space related items like the rover and space junk.
Also make lil desks with computers on them with command centers if that makes sense.
Also consider changing just a few of the terrain options to match because it’s kinda confusing to have ALL of those diffrent terrains in one space.

Hope my feedback helped :slight_smile:

space trash