I need people to help my campaign like help building it and idea's we need idea's!

so please help please

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could you specify? this is pretty vague.

ideas? if you could specify it would make it easier, but ill throw some things to the void for you. build a map about getting the most height while not getting knocked out of bounds or hitting a laser (the laser should deactivate after KOing someone)

or maybe a map about how far you can get while not getting KOed (lasers again with the same thing)

campaign what now???

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yeah a dnd campaign it is coming together

Codes are not allowed here. Edit that out please and thank you.

Codes aren’t allowed, sorry

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how do peaple get in?

What do you mean by that?

i mean how do peaple check it out

You’d have to put the link on a classkick or a padlet and post the link here.

The link to the classkick or padlet

Classkick slide 7

That classkick doesn’t work, @dinomite

But I did manage to get the code before you deleted it earlier

no the code is difrent now but i have a new classkick

The link still doesn’t work, consider adding a class code

TY4 127 i think is the class code

or Classkick