I need new thumbnails for my maps

Does anyone want to make me a thumbnail for a survival map called survive and thrive, and a moon adventure map called hollow moon.

I really need thumbnails for my maps.

Uh, why did you mark a solution if you don’t have one? Don’t tell me you are badge/solution grinding, @Buck

I could help, but you need to give me details

the grind is real :slight_smile: .

you can’t ask for a thumbnail for your map. you use the wix, padlet, or the others but you can’t ask for a thumbnail on the forums.

Yes, he can.

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he could get flagged for asking for something that is off topic to the forums. and asking for a thumbnail is off topic

… Look at the post I just sent you. Also, many people have asked for thumbnails

thumbnails are not offtopic but I can see the mistake if you think they are :slight_smile:

but you aren’t supposed to do it. when you get flagged, then don’t look at me.

The survival map has a boat graveyard in a cave and I want that to be part of the thumbnail and I want the green split gim in both and the sketch graph paper gim in both. The moon adventure one is about a small group of astronauts stuck on the moon trying to find out the mysteries of the tunnels on the hollow moon and trying to find a way back to the spaceship.

… This isn’t my topic. please don’t say that, too. It’s just rude

Anyways, I’m maybe not going to make a thumbnail. I just want to answer that he’s not supposed to grind

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@buck are you on the badge grind

It is? I didn’t know that.

no it is not going to get flagged

No i’m not I actually need a thumbnail.

then why did you put your comment as the sulution ? :slight_smile:

Because nobody responded and I was about to make another post because nobody responded.