I need more ideas

so, i have a map published that needs more. Four square, my thing, needs some cool stuff. Any tips for easter eggs, minigames, random events, or seasonal patches? i need IDEAS people.

make a random event where if you kill a sentry boss that appears every 15 minutes, a 1.5x damage buff for 5 mins.

Powerups? Maybe if you get a certain score, Easter eggs appear, like, a reference to a Gimkit game?

ill make a random event for a random sentry, but not the buff you cant pvp.

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seasonal patches? wdym? (never heard of that b4 ._.)

like christmas, halloween, making a theme for the game during holidays. I’m being lazy with grammar don’t judge.

oh wait my brain lagged out for a sec so oki ideas lemme brainstorm rq

don’t worry I complete ignore grammar but correct ( my own) spelling when I’m on the internet lol

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so maybe for an Easter egg you can erm create a color code with item image devices (or randomized color barriers that popup randomly) and leave a color key somewhere like
magenta (rip magenta dragon) =4
and so on and so forth with numbering colors and all that and for the code entry system just change the input method to change colors instead of numbers (with buttons and barriers and triggers that change the number of the property assigned to it)
and for whatever is behind the color code you can leave like lore or a devs note or something else special you wanna add

how long did that brainstorming session last?!

Why not make a maze that you can teleport through different entrances to find Easter eggs

lol like… 5-10 minutes I think?

That’s like a main thing i need sides.

bump because i need more.