I NEED MORE IDEAS ( for a map ofc )

my brain is working on 1 brain cell and i have no ideas for a new map. (pls dont call me out) sooooooo can yall help me? this what i got
Screenshot 2024-02-15 3.42.58 PM

Screenshot 2024-02-15 3.42.51 PM

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A map about exploring an abandoned mineshaft
A map about navigating the sea
A map about cookies and muffins and brownies


Did you check out maps to cure boredom wiki guide?


It has a great amount of ideas.

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this are just game ideas. check more carefully

Yeah. Map= game?

But like… map like in… something like a place?

yes. not games. those are just game ideas

have you tried making an art map like a city or something like that?

Maybe you can do a nice small grassland village with npcs… it’s peaceful here, with a forest nearby. People work jobs, have homes, and a family. Life is nice and great, color, and warming. There can be a mountain in the distance and mine which hosts jobs.

Make the moon. I’m telling you it’s a good investment

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already done that. execpet no peace.

Well whats your game about? So I can gather ideas.

hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm :thinking: :thinking: :thinking: :thinking: :thinking: ok.

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big w

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