I need more help

Can you make among us vision?

Just put a barrier that turns on with no collision and is dark. Make sure it covers the whole map.

But that would be like a sabotage. What I meant was like the shadows would go away when you get in range and you couldn’t see people in the shadows if that is possiable and still be able to see the map.

What do you need help on, like map, task, etc.

you can use a camera zone

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Among us vision like the shadows

Use a camara device, and make it the size of the room so you cant see out of it and it does give a slight dark tint.

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I meant without a camera but ok

I don’t think there is a way to do that.

Congratulations on trust level 4 @WolfTechnology!


The triangle vision when the lights are sabotaged aren’t practically possible. Also, @IlliniSD, wolftech got tl3, not tl4.

isn’t leader Tl4?


Oh oops. I was wrong. I just thought that the mods wouldn’t ever give anyone TL4! Congratulations, @WolfTechnology!


but look

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