I need map ideas... 😐

I need some map ideas! I am finishing a map that has the four seasons, and there holidays in each season section, and an adventure to go with all of them. Any ideas on what I can do for the adventures and things?

microwave potatoe . :potato:

you can fall into a ice cave for the winter season and have to find the way out (like a maze)

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for winter you can have quest’s like, “go do a snowball fight” (sentreys with snowball launchers)
“build a snowman” (gather materials to build it), “build an igloo” (same desc. as the snowman one). that’s all I have for now! :slight_smile:

[edit] for fall, you can do a quest like “rake leaves”

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or for fall instead of ice cave you can do a corn maze

for summer you could do some sort of swimming thing

And for spring maybe something to do with the easter bunny?

ok so we got snow ball fight for winter and swimming for summer and corn maze for fall (what else is there?)

Heck but with sentries and lasers

i mean I had quest’s.

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See… I am trying to add all of the like really most celebrated holidays, and like, say since Christmas is in winter we should put it in the winter section, and like how Easter is in spring, we put it in the spring section. And the holidays have there own little section in the season that they go in.


so quest for the seasons holidays ?


but when you publish it make sure nothing else has that name or anything another name


ok what if there is a quest for Christmas you have to go to the store to buy presents for someone :slight_smile:

Easter egg hunt!!! :egg:

Winter: Raid the Icycle guarded by the snow queen
Summer: Steal the magical wand from the secret garden of zombies
Fall:Keep the harvest going
Spring:Easter egg hunt like @Zoe said


I think you should get a YouTube chanleto talk about it

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