I need lobby ideas

I’m trying to make a lobby and right now it just looks sad and depressing

What should I add

add some couch, bed maybe a table of food?


What kinda looks are you going for?

you could add textbox on what you game is about and you can add some props.

anything at this point

If your going for a rustic theme, you could try adding some barrels, carts, crates of apples, chairs, table, and maybe a secret area

what is your game called and about @vqnillaxx?

it doesn’t have a name yet and it’s basically where the player goes through the different seasons of the year as they progress

Hmm. Maybe make each corner of the lobby different?

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How about some sand and props for summer, winter trees for winter, flowers for spring, and leaves for fall? They’re seasons, right?

Maybe add some different grass, snow, or sand in the corners with corrosponding props.

I get that in the game you go through seasons but what do you do exactly in the game?

i dont know :sob:

maybe it can be a game where you have to do certain tasks each season. For example, in the fall, you can have it where you have to farm a certain thing. In the winter, you can cut down trees for wood. In the spring you can collect flowers. sorry this is a little off topic, i’m just trying to help you with game ideas.

A table with a laptop.

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ohh, umm add some shield, armor stands and maybe lasers?

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You may want to refresh your creative, because it might not retain progress!sorry!(Also, I jinxed it servers are breaking again.

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