I need Kit/Class Ideas

I need Kit/Class Ideas For My Kit Pvp Map.
Right Now, I Have 8 Different Classes:
Basic: Health: 100, Speed: 1x, Damage Boost: 1x, Zapper, 2 Shield Cans
Glass Cannon: Health: 25, Speed: 1.5x, Damage Boost: 3x, QP, 0 Shield Cans
Tank: Health: 150, Speed: 0.5x, Damage Boost: 1.5x, PML, 3 Shield Cans
Ninja: Health: 75, Speed: 1.75x, Damage Boost: 0.75x, Slingshot, 0 Shield Cans
Tornado: Health: 150, Speed: 0.5x, Damage Boost: 1x, Snowball Launcher, 0 Shield Cans
Wizard: Health: 125, Speed: 1.5x, Damage Boost: 1.5x, Wooden Wand, 1 Shield Can
Soldier: Health: 100, Speed: 0.8x, Damage Boost: 1.25x, Evil Eye, 1 Shield Can
Escapist: Health: 50, Speed: 2x, Damage Boost: 0.25x, Blaster, 0 Shield Cans
Anything I Need To Buff/Debuff?
Also Pls Give Me More Kit Ideas, I can’t think of any right now.

Hoping this is what you meant. I had to dig for it.

Maybe add one for PML, didn’t see it. Tell me if I’m wrong. But maybe do a baker at 1x speed, damage 0.8, PML, 1 shield can?

I saw a PML. Sorry. Ignore the above.

these are good, but can you think of any?
I kind of want to be original