I need item dropping help

So I just need some help with dropping an item when a player is knocked out. I only want the player to drop it if they have it. So basically if they have a seed, and they get knocked out with it, they drop it. If a player has a snowball launcher and gets eliminated, they drop it. Any way I can do this?

A lot of knockout managers and inventory managers, I’m surprised it’s not a setting

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Yeah, like that would be the greatest update for battle royale, actual item drops. But I’ll check it out. I don’t have many things, it’s really just every gadget at every rarity, and some seeds. That’s all you have in the game, and the medallions. So I’ll check it out. if it works, then great! If not, then it should be alright.

Yeah, no clue.

You can’t deactivate inventory item managers, so it will affect other players. There’s also no player scope.

Idk maybe adding a bunch of properties too?

on the map settings, it should show player knockout item dropping?

No. Thats delete. Don’t worry, I’m looking at here to helps guide for a remedy. I think I know what to do now though.

do you have a lot of items that could possibly be dropped?

After thinking, I have found a homemade remedy.

When a player is knocked, I will activate a inventory item manager which drops it then add another inventory item manager that then raises the roof. I think that should work. If it doesn’t I won’t make another help topic. I will only make it so they drop legendary, epic, and ammo.

Thanks to both of you for trying to help though! I really appreciate it.

before you leave, check this guide: How to make a knocked out player drop a item, and turn the knocked out player into a spectator (Difficulty: :yellow_square:) - Community Made Guides - Gimkit Creative don’t mind the spectator part tho, if you don’t want that

wait, so if I use a checker to do that, it might work.

Do they have player scopes on it? The knockout manager. Currently am busy

the k.o manager does have player scoped, its either player or sentry, not sure about the checker, because the checker cant make an item drop… unless you add many checkers or checks , for each an everything item you have in your game.

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Ok, I’ll mark you as the solution. I’ll check it out in game right now, or procrastinate a bit more.

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if you need anymore help just ping me, I might go offline soon

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