I need ideas for something. ( Boss idea )

Okay. I am making an ending on a game, and I need to make a custom boss thing from a sentry, but I want the boss to be techno or like, colourful. Any ideas on what I can use to make something like it?

What’s the context of the game, and what are you looking for too? Also what’s the theme of the game.

(Tryna collect info)

The theme is medieval, and… I forgot what context means. :neutral_face:

Oh… honestly I don’t know how to describe it lol.

Maybe like uhh…what the game is I guess. Like is it a quest game?

But maybe make a knight that can shoot lasers at you, but make them grey because he’s like shooting a crossbow.

(Maybe a medieval wiki? Actually no, it will be a bit to similarly to that one wiki that got 2 users suspended… but maybe we can do that, for like castle guides and knight guides, etc.)

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So armor stands, sentry, (Might wanna do kynami, I don’t know though.) then a giant sword prop, and a crossbow and shield near him. Make animations on him equipping his shield so he can use it as a working prop shield, and a crossbow so that if someone steps in a zone, it shoots there.

You might wanna make it so it’s not the best accuracy possible though too.

Edit 2: Also add a Knight’s like plume. Just search it up if you don’t know what I mean

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Add A Giant Angry Chicken As A Boss

it could be the king of the midevil time and you can make the boss have a deceant ammout of health for the wepons the player has . and there would be mutipule kingas you just have to find and take out the right one

maybe try using the sentry appearance option and some of the different weapons and difficulties

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