I need ideas for quests and gimmicks for my pirate life game

the summary of my game

A Gimkit game where students live on one island and must build and upgrade their resources and defenses to steal and secure the other three islands controlled by the other three factions. Students must answer questions related to strategy, geography, history, and math to earn resources, upgrade their island, and build their army. They must also engage in battles and raids, complete missions, and form alliances with other players to become the most powerful faction in the open waters. Along the way, they may uncover treasure and secrets hidden on remote islands and in underwater caves.

  1. The first faction’s island is a lush tropical paradise, with tall trees and a dense jungle. The island is rich in natural resources, with plenty of fresh water, fertile soil, and exotic wildlife. The faction has built fortified walls and watchtowers around the island to protect their resources and people. (robo clan)

  2. The second faction’s island is a barren wasteland, with little vegetation and harsh terrain. The island is rich in minerals and metals, with vast mines and factories dotting the landscape. The faction has built massive industrial complexes and military bases to protect their valuable resources and maintain their dominance. (green plant clan)

  3. The third faction’s island is a tundra, with snow and ice covering the landscape. The island is rich in oil and gas, with massive drilling rigs and refineries dotting the coastline. The faction has built massive icebreakers and submarines to protect their valuable resources and maintain their control over the sea. (pink plant clan)

Build up your fort and army as pirates will invade every once and a while

i want you play with a max of 4 players and not anymore then that

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if you have quest ideas say which faction island is it from

Faction 3 idea: a person lost something in the snow

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Faction 2: A wandering merchant that needs a certain amount of something. I would do energy, which you could earn from defeating sentries.


thanks for the ideas and i dont answer over the weekends
but thanks