I need ideas for my tycoon map

I have a farmchain like main area where you buy seeds and plant them. There are also two side areas that you can buy.

First side area

You can fight sentries that give you cash and buy weapons, upgrades, and health.

Second side area

The other has a mine where you can destr0y rocks to get seeds that you can craft gold keys and cash.
There is also a bank where you can buy cash per second.
You can also enter a vault and go through a laser maze to steal cash.
I also added an area where you can buy sentries (assassins) that spawn in the main area.

There is also a pregame lobby with an area for updates and instructions on how to play.

That is sort of like advertising, so without playing the map can you tell me what you already have?

Is it really advertising? I haven’t published it yet.

advertising counts as alink to a live game, a posted game, a published game or any other site that you are trying to get people to go to. So when you said please play test it, it sorts of counts as advertising. I just wanted to tell you so you don’t get flagged for it.

My bad. . . I didn’t realize.

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Your good, so what ideas do you already have? Examples: mini game lobby, easter eggs(map secrets). and what is the tycoon?

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Yes it is still considered advertising

I fixed everything up.
I want a way to add lore and other secrets/easter eggs.
I would also like more areas/buildings.

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Does anyone have any suggestions?

Maybe add a sentry guarding the laser maze?
Add speed upgrades? There’s this resources guide for tycoon stuff:

I have both of your ideas. Do you have any more?

An area where you fish and get money off of
An area where you do side quests for NPCs and get money off of

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