I need ideas for my rpg map

i need ideas for my rpg map.

rpg is reserved for guides

oh ok. any ideas for my rpg map?

Add lore and a easter egg

Add some rpg related Easter eggs like a Final Fantasy Easter Egg

Quest:Help Bob To Find His Friend

Side Quest:Get A House

oh just like legend of zelda


Dude I love botw & totk

for an rpg map maybe add a fishing place its everyones favorite mechanic (or you can make an area that look like its for fishing a button that says fish but when you click it says that “you don’t have time for fishing you have better things to be doing”

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same here have played totk much yet mostly just built boats so far, botw i have done almost every side quest and pretty much everything its worth to spend your time on, do you play splatoon 3 by chance

NO :sob: I wish. I have seen people play it and it seems fun but don’t have it

My friend and I r big Zelda nerds and he has every shrine, korok, inventory, glitched out hylian shields, all of the dlc, all clothing’s and around like 500 of everything

another thing you could do is go on a hunt for items like in botw like going after fruit or lottery tickets, another one is key cards get enough and you can craft up to a purple then a golden to get something special (like lore that ties the game together or a legendary weapon idk)

lonewolf0230 eyes only

well splatoon 3 is worth the purchase if your foucosed on story line side order dlc lived up to the hype and is worth the play feturaing agent 8 and pearl drone this will finally wrap up octo expsanion from splatoon 2 and the new season was an absolute flop, also the next game were getting entirly new charters so basiclly a new story line

Good to know @Lostsea3!

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