I need ideas for my open world game

I made an open world game and it has an desert and winter and an grassy area. Do you guys have any ideas for it?

A city

Perhaps a heavily guarded location that players can infiltrate?

I have an spaceship and an temple which players need to infiltrate to get something to beat the game.

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A secret desert temple, it’s at the start of the game, but the enemies are wayyyy to strong! When you come back later and stronger, you get a nice reward!

A forest could look pretty cool maybe with a abandoned building with loot in it.

I kinda like that idea

Nice. I actually took the idea from another game

Some random ideas:

  • A small village with trading sentries
  • Random traders
  • Lore
  • Easter eggs
  • Trolls :imp:
  • Traps
  • Dueling
  • Lots of different biomes
  • Secret structures with loot