I need ideas for my map please

I’m making a bedwars map, but I’m not sure what to put in it. The map is platformer style and for four teams. I currently have beds, a shop, different seeds (for currency), and trading.

sentries as shopkeeper

is there diffrent types of weapons

Yes. I have pretty much all of the weapons with different prices for each one.

did you add special things like ender perals, maybe a set tealporter where you can use the ender pearl, but you have to wait for it to tealport you (becuase it takes time)

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That’s an interesting idea. Do you have any recommendations on how to make it?

Have a teleporter wired to the other teleporter, but they are wired through a wire connector, which has a delay

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So when you use the ender pearl you teleport to a specific teleporter. Right?

ya idk the time it takes for a normal enderperal throw

yes it goes to a specific one but this can go multiple ways one from your base to the middle island and then one to the enemys base from the island, these can go back and forth, and bouns one to get across the main island but with a shorter throw time (maybe)

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Do you think I should use a game overlay for that?

? idk what that is… oh well i don’t see how you could use it maybe as a way to track your special items like one could spawn a sentery to ward of enemys until killed or temp speed boost,

your sorta going to need a couple of items if if you want to make overlays for them

A game overlay is basically the answer questions button in all of the Gimkit game modes (like in Don’t Look Down).

ya okay but enderpearls that easily is sorta not fair but then again idk (im not really technical i can give ideas or build stuff with but when we get to coding the game like feauters, then i can’t do it)

Do like a Minecraft thing…
Idk lol!

I really like the idea of enderpearls so I’ll just make it so that you teleport to the middle only.

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Does anyone have any other ideas?