I need ideas for my map features

I need ideas for easter eggs, lore on what the island is meant for or why it exists, and other additional features that might be good to add to a survival map.

for lore you could have like a large industrial base in some underground part of the island with giant generators, and batterys.

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One of the things I have already added is a cave called the graveyard of ships that has an opening facing the sea and has a lot crashed boats in it, so ideas on what else to put there and what to put inside 3 main boats that you go in are welcome.


you could have like a captains room on the ship which has stuff on it you need to get to progress (I might not reply in a bit in switching classes)

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Well progress is slow and I will add that feature but I kind of just started actually building the first boat.

Try making a hidden lab. You can put a teleporter behind a rock, and have the rock move when a hidden button is pressed. Try putting a monitor in there with information about the island or a key card (The key card would make it so you have to find the lab at some point).

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Any other ideas for kinds of structures and things I should add? Most of them are going to be in a network of caves with hidden entrances.

Also what kinds of crafting recipes should I add, and what kinds of resources should there be?