I need Ideas for my map details

What should I put outside a moon base that is a tag map, also what kinds of alien structures should I put

Provide details

I can’t help you otherwise

A moon that has an alien anomaly that people are inspecting.

:person_facepalming:things like what you already have in your game, if there’s a storyline, exc.

Maybe like a text emoji with an alien’s head on it or something, and the text disappears when a player enters a zone.

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Transparency will also help, for creating the illusion! :moon:
Great idea, though.

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taken away as is no longer needed summary of ideas

I would advise you not to do that. You’re just taking everyone else’s work and then trying to make them your own. It is an insult to the contributors.

If you have ideas, make them up on your own, maybe build off of them.

Also, if you want to quote something, just highlight the text and then press the button.
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Like this:

Maybe a low gravity effect since you’re on the moon.

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I removed art as that is reserved for guides

Thanks for the ideas and the tip.

but when we dont do someting like this effecieency ls lowered and clutetr is added as people have trouble finding what has been sugegsted or not and also the topic creator has trouble finding all the suggestions…this way everything is in one place. here let @buck decide do you want a dropdown with eevrything we suggest?
(also if somone else wants to add a sumarry i dont care i dont want the credit just wanted to make stuff easier for @buck)

It’d be easier if I’d just create a wiki post…
is that alright? @Buck

good idea!

Sure a summary sounds good

Everyone’s ideas…
Put all the ideas here…

wierd fire(text box) that makes you slower or faster or gives you sheild-

junkyard of destroyed rovers that aliens broke to not be dicovered-

a communication tower that you can enter using a button and teleporter to go to a building-

plant aliens that will attack you-

you can buy plant sentries by giving them food or somthing to hae them help you-

aliens that troll and jump out randomly

Cosmic cove from fishtopia-

you can buy potions from aliens that will give ya speed boosts random teleport somewhere and other temp. powerups-

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i mean you could make some like rooms from like different sectors of places like a spaceship and some other type of conspiracies

can you make sentries move though

no sentries can not move bbsi

through game animations yes but where they actually walk that is still in progress for gimkit