I need ideas for my game

ok so I have no idea what to do
I finished recesses battle and I dedicated months to it so what else should I make? (I am honestly really good at this via I read 87% of the posts here and 34% of the comments)

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By the way, the forum tips tag is for guides about the forum. Anyway, what kinds of video game genres are you interested in?

Team/Cooprtive (probaly because I can help more)

I meant stuff like puzzle, adventure, etc.

escape rooms? those count?

Perhaps you can make an escape room then. That would be fun, and not many people do that.

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ok what theme like oneway out w plants or robots or evil corn or something like that (Dont question the corn)

Maybe an dungeon crawler game where you’re goal is to escape the dungeon, kinda like one way out/

mk I will see what I can do

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