I need ideas for my bedwars map

I already have the beds, different seeds with different values, a shop, a minigame where you complete different levels of parkour to get seeds, and an enderpearl (another seed) that teleports you to the middle of the map. I feel like I could add more things, but I just don’t know what to add.

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Bed defense
Slowness Trap

I have bed defense already, what do you mean by slowness trap.

When other people besides their own team try to break the bed they get slowness

Nevermind then @THEHACKER120’s too fast

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Lol. So when other people try to break a different team’s bed, they get slowness? Or is it some kind of purchasable thing?

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Probably when they try to break the other teams bed

You could also put a trigger down by the bed so when stepped on, it will slow you for a little bit

My advantage of being a fast typer >:D


Lol how many times have you said that?! :‎D‎

gets on nitro type

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I honestly like the idea of it being a purchasable thing, so it’s like a twist to the game.


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Are there any other ideas that you have?

I think purchasable upgrade for other teams