I need ideas for cookie clicker upgrades

I only have 5 upgrades in one zone and you get 2,000,000 cookies to escape the first area I have 2 other zones the 2nd zone the space zone and the 3rd zone the purple zone

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i’m thinking about adding barney to the purple zone

Maybe a candy zone?

cookie clicker upgrades and can you please ask wolf tech why he banned me from the padlet

Upgrade idea - Super Carpal tunnel glove - 1,234,567 cookies, +1234 per click

the removal of main chat

which area tho

  1. -_-
  2. Maybe for ur space themed place, have like an upgrade, like alien upgrade?

probably the first one

but what did I do tho to get banned

yeah that’s what I was thinking about

no just no

Ok u got ur solution?

no not yet

u still don’t want to add cpc? it will progress the game faster btw can you hop on lightbulb crew

what about in zone #2

Maybe a milk area!

It matches with cookies! There can be glasses everywhere!

Then, a chocolate chip area!


nature what happened to wolf’s padlet?

I think wolf deleted his padlet account? Here I’ll make another one

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