I need ideas for a new prop

I have been told that I am great at gimkit art and I want to make more props that live up to those standards. But i am kind of out of ideas, so can anyone give me some ideas of what new props i can make?

Maybe a fishtopia style boat?

Mannequin for shopping malls and stores

Like make it a gim body on a pole?

I can try, but to make that type of realistic features will take some time.

yeah basically and make different versions of it some with certain clothing and some without

Ok i can try that, thanks.

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A CAR. I need a car. It’s very hard to make one.

O i will do that i just made a battle ship


I made you a truck
Screenshot 2023-09-11 11.51.44 AM

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wow thanks man! thats really good

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Thanks you can use this if you want.

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