I need ideas for a map!

I have a lot of free time lately and I want to make something, but I’m completely blank
Got any map ideas? I like survival games, battle royales, one way out style games, stuff like that!

Make a game about tax evasion


Thank you for putting what you are interested in! Looks like you’re interested in story/adventure based games. Have you tried making a dungeon crawler? There are multiple guides on that.

If you want something different think of a small story or concept you would like to base a game off of. A generic, “Save the kingdom from a dragon!” Or, something wild, like “A baker’s ingredients gain sentience and he has to battle them!” Let your creativity run wild.

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Oooh, I might make that! I’m gonna list all the replies and choose one, i really like that idea tho!

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sure, can i have a poll? here are the options…
dungeon crawler
battle royale
one way out
zombie apocalypse
among us


  • Dungeon crawler
  • Battle royal
  • One way out
  • Zombie apocalypse
  • Amongus
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