I need ideas for a game, I got creators block

It’s called the deep caves and it’s about a gim named floral who is traveling threw caves with Mike, And you stumble apon evil plants on the way, I have this part where floral is trapped and needs to dig out, Could anyone give me ideas?

Mushroom emojis. LOTS of mushroom emojis.


Dynamic Blocks! Outreaching Vines! Lava?

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Thanks for the idea! I’ll do that

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No lava but thanks, I already have dynamic blocks tho but the vines are a good idea!

Technically the game classifies them as Outreaching Plants, but that’s just so you can find them in search.

You could use brown tinted groundbreaking plants over the dynamic terrain to mimic the root system of the evil plants.

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Very Interesting idea! is it a Platformer map?
you could put a large dark-tinted (brown, black or purple) barrier in the background to make the underground more…creepy?

  1. Tool Crafting: Floral could find various resources in the cave (like stones, bones, etc.) that she can use to craft digging tools. Different tools could have different efficiencies and durabilities.
  2. Puzzle Solving: There could be certain patterns or symbols on the cave walls that Floral needs to decipher. These could give clues to weaker spots in the walls or hidden passages.
  3. Plant Manipulation: Since there are evil plants in the cave, maybe Floral could have a unique ability to control or manipulate certain types of plants. She could use this ability to make the plants dig for her or clear the path.
  4. Companion Abilities: Mike, being Floral’s companion, could have special abilities that assist in digging out. Maybe he’s stronger, or has a keen sense of direction, or can sense vibrations in the earth to avoid cave-ins.
  5. Timed Challenges: Add a sense of urgency by introducing a rising water level or a creeping poisonous gas. Floral and Mike would need to dig out before time runs out.
  6. Cave Creatures: Introduce friendly or neutral creatures that live in the cave. Floral could either trade with them, or help them in exchange for assistance in digging out.
  7. Upgrade System: As Floral progresses through the game, she could earn or find upgrades for her digging tools, making them more efficient or granting them special properties.

Nice ideas, My Queen (Or Sophia)

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