I need Ideas! :D

Wow, i can’t believe i missed this, Sorry. But welcome to the community @BendyTheInkDemon!

Dance party room. Final answer.

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Welcome, @BendyTheInkDemon !

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Add enemies to make the game harder

Welcome to the forum, @Help123!

Welcome to the community @Help123!

Welcome to the forum, @Help123 !

What about a gaming area?

And what about maze @PusheenLover

They are automatically notified when you reply. You don’t need to use the @ sign.

welcome to the community @Help123

what about broken glass?

It’s nice that you have so many suggestions, but maybe try to put all of them in one post instead of scattered around!

Welcome to the forum, @BendyTheInkDemon and @Help123! I hope you both enjoy your time here!

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Welcome to the forum, @Help123 !I hope that you can learn how to use the forum and not break rules!