I need i tumbnail for my game called farming and fishing tycoon

i dont care what you add but make it creative and on topic and make it have the day one skin with cat ears doing work wile the half glass full skin with a purple crown sells stuff for money and have at least corn and gimfish in it (and if you want to you can add your gimkit avatar doing something)

i know it alot but if you help me then i will be super greatful

please i need a thumbnail for the best game ever (ok not the best but good)

patience is key.
if you really need it try making one yourself maybe?

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i stink at making thumbnails

okay js finished my huge english capstone project i have free time now

I can help you

location of gims
name of game
other details

previous works (I haven't been doing much)

blood warning

the gims are day one gim with cat ears and half glass full gim with a purple crown the day one gim will be at the front planting corn and the half glass full gim will be in the background fishing the background will be a farming land with a fish pond and a blue tent the name of the game is farming and fishing tycoon and if you want to you can add your gim doing something and i need the photo to be png

bro I was working on one and it’s almost done

nevermind it was someone else I think

Working on one now.