I need help with zombie designs

well read the title btw you could convince me to add certain types of zombies

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Why not just use evil plants? They look like zombies.

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i was thinking that but nah

But it wont give the same effect because people know that that’s a plant

Um----maybe add props around the sentries and make it look dark?

@SHIGGE_BIGGIE what if you use the evil plant as a base?


Why are you asking for DARK.

Like-green, maybe? Light green?

I didn’t mean it that way…like dark green?

no no no ok i’ll give you the story so you get a better understanding so Chapter 1 of my game it’s a survival game where you mine and eat well its just the basics of a survival game until you come across a hatch when you craft the super tool you break the rock covering the hatch when you enter the hatch you find your bedroom then the alarm clock goes of then the game ends. in chapter 2 you realise you’ve been in a 6 year coma while you were asleep the zombie apocalypse broke out and now you must survive


Nice story! Maybe use a base of an evil plant then put maybe a bunch of plants and dirt turned red on top.

well it’s been six years and i don’t think zombies should have bases y’know?

there kinda dumb

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No I meant have the evil plant as the zombie but put stuff on top of it. Not a actual base lol.

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OHHHH Gachtcha

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And when you kill the sentry, wire the sentry to each barrier so that if the sentry is knocked out, the barrier is deactivated. This will make it look like the zombie actually died. Make sure to turn off collision for the barriers!

i always do that when i have designed sentrys


just sayin

Ya your good