I need help with weapons after death

Hello, I want to be able to have a weapon in the player’s inventory to switch to the weapon of my choice after the player knocks another player out.

Maybe use a item granter and a lifecycle

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You would need a lifecycle set to when player knocked out connected to two item granters one to give them and item and one to take the other away(set the give value to a negative).

Lifecycle ( Player knocked out) —> Item Granter (remove item) and to Item Granter (grant item)

i think

Also the lifecycle is wired to both the item granters, not just one

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How would you switch them though?
That only grants the player an item and removes it.

But I wan’t it to happen every time. Also replacing the previous weapon in that slot.

The lifecycle would trigger every time.

Use a trigger with a max trigger of one

The lifecycle triggers the trigger which removes the weapon

so then each time you get knocked out, it would activate a successive line of triggers?

I think it first removes the current one, then adds a new one

How would that work though?
Wouldn’t you store the weapons in a property to switch it @The_7th_Dragon?
(Whoops replied to the wrong post)

No, the trigger turns off because it has a max trigger of one

But only after it was triggered once

Yeah, and @John wants different ones every time, so activating a different trigger each time, if they have a trigger limit of one?

Yeah, pretty much

I want it so the player gets a new weapon every time they knock someone out, also I want the previous weapon to be gone.

yeah you connect the triggers to whatever item granters

wait what @The_7th_Dragon posted should work

(Lifecycle) Player Knocked Out —> (Item Granter) Remove Item

(Lifecycle) Player Knocked Out —> (Item Granter) Granr Item

It won’t switch inventories with the player who got knocked out though

I have a feeling we all were just speculating without even going into the game…