I need help with waypoint

I am making a pregame thing, and i have the host click a button which activates a waypoint to a different button for the other players. I need the waypoint to not show for the host, and delet for triggering player when they click the second button.

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Use a relay.
Relay is set to “All Other Players”
Wire: Button Pressed > Show Overlay
Place the Waypoint at the 2nd button and set it to “Location of Device” in settings.
If the waypoint as a visibility scope. Set it to “Player”
Wire the 2nd button to the relay: Button Pressed > Hide Overlay

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what relay are you talking about? @JohanGim

The Relay Device in GKC.

oops sorry I didn’t mean relay, I meant overlay. When did it get in the picture @JohanGim

Wait- you said it would happen pre-game? When the game is not actually started?

is it against the rules to give you a link so that you could see what i mean @JohanGim

What Picture?
You want this to happen Pre-Game?

Can i just send you a link

Put it in your Bio.

I gtg now but I will later

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