I need help with waypoint please

i need it so when a player is eliminated he drops an item that a waypoint points towards but it is only visible to team mates (please help)


I don’t know, but an actual devices topic on purpose! Great job!

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It should’ve been a Help… I don’t think that is possible as of right now. Correct me if I’m wrong, but I don’t believe you can track an item on the ground with a waypoint.

Hmm… Not sure how this would work. Just like th3_ca1tsune said, you can’t track items on the ground with a waypoint.

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Maybe you could track with a modified coordinate system, then put a waypoint when the gim gets knocked out in a sector? I know how to do it in my head but I’m not sure exactly how to explain it.

Is it aa flag, that’s the item?

there done

We have not been told, but I’m sure it would’ve been said it was a flag if it was.

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the item is a life shard that a teammate can pick up then take to a revitalisation station to res you

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I do not think this is possible without some tinkering.

tinkering in what way

Aw man, it not in devices.

Probably making a coordinate system, placing a waypoint in each, then activating a certain one aka the one where the gim was knocked out.


Because it shouldn’t have been.

the easiest way is to turn the life shard into a flag so it’s trackable.

could you make the flag invis?

what do you mean? invisible where/when?

nevermind then you cant

You could activate the waypoint for a brief instant and then turn them to spectator.

not exactly sure if you can make it spawn on a dropped item, can you?