I need help with thumbnails

The name of it is, My dog is MISSING!
Also is asking for thumbnails allowed?
If you want to help me create a thumbnail the thumbnail should have chomp costume sad sitting by a tree and on a tree it has a picture of a dog and it says missing. on the bottom of the thumbnail it says (Platforming)

I think @BananaBunny made a padlet for thumbnails! where’s the link?..
Oh found it!: https://padlet.com/BananaBunny/gimkit-thumbnail-padlet-fj2nw8l9tabt1am5
Just post your thing on here and someone will submit a thumbnail for yoU! Just check now and then!


@Coolcaden26 is good at these I think its coolcaden

I might of mistook Coolcaden for the wrong person

i’ve made one thumbnail and it was never used so you might be thinking of someone else

ok sorry coolcaden .

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