I need help with this mode

So I’m making a king of the hill game, and instead of everyone going at each others throats, I’m making it red Vs blue. My problem is how can I do the zone? I want to make it where if 2 teams are in there, no one gets points. If one team is in there, they get points. How could I do this in game?

wait, why did you delete your previous topic? it was the same thing.

I thought it worked when I made something, it didn’t.

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give each team an item that they spawn in with and make a checker for that item and make it to where it only checks if both items are present and if they are make it deactivate the barrier…
Like if Red gets a banana and Blue gets a Blue Seed.
Have the checker run two checks, one for a Banana and the other for a blue seed.

maybe use 2 zones? and then if both teams are in there it doesnt grant points? idk how to do it…

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That could also work, i tried to suggest that but then changed my mind and gave him that, either way should work.

Ok. Thank you. I will check later today if it works.

It didn’t work… maybe I did it wrong, but maybe someone could make a guide/explain the steps on what to do

How can I help you make this map?

@Gimkit735 welcome to the forums i hope you have a great time!

hello, thanks for the greeting!

Well, I don’t need help with the map, I think I might have a solution now, but, if it doesn’t work, I’ll reply to here. And also welcome to the forums!

I have an idea but first what if you gain points by firing you weapon when you in the hill?

Nah. It should be ok. But my idea, is that now I have red seed and blue seed when they go in, corresponding to teams.

If they go outside the zone, they lose it. So I’ll make a constant repeater for everyone that if they have their teams seed, it can add to the score.

With that problem now out of the way, I need to figure out how to make it so they can’t both gain points at the same time.

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