I need help with the items

Ok, I haven’t ever made a topic, so this might sound crazy. Bacicly im trying to put the computer (prop) in front of the table (prop) to make it like the computers on the table, but it keeps going under the table….-_-
Do yall know how to make it in front of the table? Thanks!

I REAALLYY hope this isn’t off topic…:frowning:

yes there’s a button on the top left of your screen those are called layers you can choose what layer the tabe and computer to level them out!

your not off topic btw

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Gosh, thanks so much…i usally dont make maps… :sweat_smile:

ohh lol if u want I can take screen shots but u just gotta put the PC to top layer and the table to bottom or primary layer

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Nah, its ok, i think i can manage…thanks!!!

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