I need help with the details on my map

I need ideas on what to use for an airlock door and other things that would be in a moon base.

I removed art for you as that is reserved for guides

oh, ok thanks i didn’t know that.

Metalic color schemes would be good for the map, (the door too)

for my door to my ship i put a stone wall and tinted it black here ill go make a door see if it will work

I already tried a stone wall and it always had a spot where the player could get past it when it looked right otherwise it wouldn’t look right.

You could try using invisible barriers to make it look like in the right spot and block players from passing through. Also consider using space crates, metallic signs for doors, and lasers.

Thanks, that’s a good idea

well thats a better idea than what i have i was unable to get the right tint of sand but i tried to make it grey

It’s a good backup if the other one doesn’t work.

k i also have this other map they cant get through the wall i built

but its not that great so an extra extra

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