I need help with terrain

i would like the terrain of my sentry army map to be interesting but not too bright. i would also like a name for my game.


in my game (top down) two or more players compete to build more sentries than the other. once the set amount of sentries is built on one of the teams, the teams battle to see who wins. you gain more sentries buy buying them with cash earned from answering questions.

What is in it? Give us details please. [1]

  1. Besides sentries ↩︎

Use a castle terrian and a army name simple

Is your map top-down or platformer? If you’re looking for darker terrain, I like to use Catwalk or Dark Scraps. You could also use barriers to create your own terrain.

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Details I would like to know:
Is the map medieval, modern, or futuristic?
Is it a battle between two sentry armies or just a display of one sentry army? Or is it an invasion game?
And also, you could use emojis in the text device for extra art.
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And what style would you like, jungle, snowy, etc.

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idk but if you have any suggestions you can tell me

I would probably make it futuristic, there are a TON of futuristic-themed props and it would fit the setting, since you’re literally building robots. There’s also a lot of alien plants, so that could be a nice addition. can’t help you anymore I gtg


If you’re doing futuristic, I would suggest either lab floor, catwalk, or any OWO themed-terrain.

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If you’re more into a medeval theme, I suggest using the dungeon and castle tile terrain. You could also add some stone pavement terrain to add some old roads where maybe your sentry troops deliver supplies into the battle.


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