I need help with something

How do i make it so when someone presses a button, it freezes all players, except them only for 5 seconds?

edit: i’m not talking about a game overlay device

You can make it activate a movement meter and a trigger with a 5 second delay. Then connect the trigger to the movement meter to turn it off.

Though, how do i make it a trigger with a 5 second delay?

There should be a setting somewhere in it. By default it is set to 0.

Wait, so i need a trigger device for this…?

Yep. Connect your button to both the trigger and the movement meter.

why do i feel like a counter is optional

Could be and maybe you be using it

What do you mean exactly?
From what I understand, a counter is optional unless you want a game overlay that tells the players how many seconds are left until they unfreeze.