I need help with sentry borders

So, I’m trying to make a barrier that “knocks out” sentries as soon as they touch it, but I can’t seem to think of anything.


?, what do you mean “as soon as they touch it”

When a sentry comes in contact with a barrier, they are knocked out.

I’m so sorry, it may just be my brain right now (12:46 in my time zone), but how would they touch something if they can’t move…

Good Idea! I’ll think about it.

Um, thanks I guess???

Hello? Is Anybody There?

hi I’m here at least

Yeah I don’t know how to make the sentry’s

They can’t move (for now), the closest thing we have is deactivating the sentry and activating another sentry to give the illusion of movement.

Sentries cannot move, so it would not be possible for them to run into Barriers. Hope this helps!

I want the to be knocked out, or teleport away. I can’t thank of how to make them stop after reaching a point.

@Unit_72 Is this what you want, i tried this, if you want this, it using 2% memory, check this video on the padlet I made: https://padlet.com/bluebird291/my-fearless-padlet-okj3zieiiilk8ot0

let me know if this works, and if it does, let me know if you want the steps, I just changed the video, because you wanted when the sentry touches the barrier they disappear.

  1. You could use a zone instead of barrier
  2. Sentries cannot move so I do not know how that will work

Mythemi, I WAS using a zone, I was saying barrier as a placeholder.

Can you tell me how it works?

if you want the sentry to move use a teleporter and the sentry should move if not just wait till they are able to


do you want me to try it and then tell you

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