I need help with randomness

Or better yet, pseudo randomness, because computers can never be random. Anyways, I’ve been coming to the forums for help on multiple occasions because I’m not very good at making things random in GKC. First it was the lottery system and then the bounty system. So can someone just tell me how randomness works in GKC so I don’t need to come here as much?

basically, a randomizer, in block code, sets a variable to a value in a set of numbers. for every value, an outcome happens. this outcome starts with a channel being transmitted, which causes something to happen when it receives the channel.

does that help?

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Ya, kinda. Relays can only help so much though. Like how do people make randomized unalivement notifications?

Also, it’s cool you made never looked down. I beat that game, it was pretty fun.

it’s just a randomizer inside of a notification where the body content is the thing being randomized

(yay, thanks for playing never look down! i have a new game coming out like, tomorrow, so i hope you enjoy that one! the name is in my bio in 3 seconds)

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(also your welcome really fun game, I’m waiting till creative platformer comes to everyone to make mine.)

Ok, so how would I do this inside the blocks?

basically just exactly like your ordinary randomizer but with the notification blocks (set title and set content)

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