I Need Help With One Block Lucky Block!

I’m making one block lucky block in gimkit, but I cant get it to randomize the items and events that happen, can anyone help?

Check this guide out for Loot Tables help!

Use block code like in fishtopia (you can search it)

Please mark @Eeveeborg ‘s guide as a solution

I like how everybody just brings up the fishing system for everything, true but, it feels like every guide uses something like that

To be fair it WAS the first one with that system…

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Getting off topic , I did not mean to sound so mean

the person who asked the question will mark the person who in their opinion best answered the question. please dont say who you they should give the solution too (totally not saying this because i want the solution)


Sorry, sorry!

Does being the one to put the solution really matter THAT much?


Yes of course it does mark mine the solution so that I can gloat

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