I need help with my soccer map! (SOLVED)

Pls help me so that I can make another gamebuster

what do you need help with? map, systems, prop art, etc

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everything pls help me
I don know how to do this

help pls
I need help pls pls ps,l

um so for soccer you will need to use the blastball so you can use this guide for that part.

And for the map use the grass terrain with wooden poles or barriers tinted white for the field lines. Then line the field with the barriers(prop version).

And then make sure you have the game overall settings set to teams-evenly split and have leader board set to scores.

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so much



How did you give a solution to yourself…

he marked his own post instead of mine, which is not who it works but im not going to complain.

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Yeah, I got that part, just though it was weird because even though I am ashamed to say, I tried doing that once and it didn’t work :P.

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