I need help with my map1

Screenshot 2024-01-26 11.42.39 AM|317x500

I need help with the camera
how do I make it bigger

Explain more please. Also, if you’re talking about the camera view just change the size. 2 questions:
1: What is that screenshot?
2: Why didn’t make a picture?

how do I make it bigger

Make the picture bigger?

I want the camera to show my whole map

That’s impossible. Though I feel like I have seen somehting talking about it, but it said it was banned or something. It used other websites though.

it didn’t work so I just put a link

Why’d you make the screenshot? It’s just a purple cat in cloths. Then ask about how to see your whole map?

so what can I do so people can see my whole map

it’s beerus from dragon ball super

You want people to see you’re whole map without having to move? Also, the screenshot is off-topic.

yes and the picture is very on topic

That’s the discourse upload bug.

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its not off topic if its what my map is about

it says on topic not off topic

Sorry about that. I didn’t read right. Anyways, did you have any other questions then?

I’ll just make the player really fast

This isn’t possible right now, sorry.

That would be the fastest way, and you’d need to make the map to where it’s really open, but why’d you ask this?