I need help with my map so when a sentry is killed it drops an item to pick up

all my sentrys drop the same thing and i dont want that

I think you can do something with knockout managers but let me test.

welcome to the form @Kirito! you just have to go into the settings and go to the one area where the drops are and select what you want them to drop.

don’t use the copy button. just change it in settings

It’s in the sentry options already.
Screenshot 2024-01-26 11.19.18 AM
Just change it for each sentry if you want something different.
Change it to YES and you can edit it.


Just make it so that the sentries have different weapons that they drop, but let me see if there is a different way.

you can do something with that but its more complicated

i tried that but it didnt work

You tried what???

do you have a ko manager going to give the player loot?

yes but its on diff channels and still drops the same thing no matter what

Do what California_Love said, use the built-in dropping for the sentries.

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maybe refresh? refreshing helps a lot for me.

the options menu is what i tried

can you send photos please?

ok ill try that it should work

Here I think that you just have to change the item that the sentry drops for every sentry that you make.

You know, if you want a variety of things.

here can yall come to mine to help me?

You can only post codes on the wix but yes.

sorry codes are not allowed. if you also want help where people can go onto your map go onto the wix.