I need help with my map making

So, I want to make a game where someone gets put onto a team, and if they are shot from the other team, they will respawn somewhere they have to answer many many questions and when they finish answering questions, they finally get into a team switcher and automatically onto another team. Is there a possible way of doing this?

You could use a lifecycle to track when the player gets knocked out to switch them to an unused team. Then you could add a spawn pad that only allows that team to spawn on it. (I’m working on the question part rn, will update soon.)

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Well, the teams I haven’t named yet, so yeah.

A Box

So, when they are shot, they just get into a small space with a visible button to press and then they can come out


So, for summary, I want them to be put into a team switcher.

Thanks! I hope you can help me!

Okay, I will try that out @cs3112583.

Ugh. I can’t get it to work with multiple questions. One sec…

Oh, and sorry for the late reply. How about I make something step by step @cs3112583 ?

Maybe I know.

Add a +1 property every time they get a question correct. Make it check if its equal to whatever how many questions you need answered. So lets say 5.

If when they finish answering, and the property equals 5, set it to 0 and teleport them back in.

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And also, don’t forget to switch the teams!

Okay, I will try that @Txme_Lxss .

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Right now, Gimkit is not working for me. I will reply after a really long time. If so, I will mark a solution.

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Do you know why it’s not working? maybe internet problems, or refreshing or restarting or shutting down your device.

Yes, yes! I’m okay. Thanks @Txme_Lxss .

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